Betsafe Product Redesign

Redesigned Betsafe Experience
Researched, designed, tested and shipped

The Brand

Betsafe is one of the leading suppliers of online gaming products worldwide with over 450K active users from over 100 different countries and, following significant marketing investment, a very strong share of mind in Nordic and UK brand tracking studies. Since the official launch in January 2006, Betsafe had been able establish itself as one of the most trusted and reliable gaming companies in the market.

The Project

The newly appointed Managing Director wanted to rebrand and redesign one of the core products, it’s online Casino, which was was generating revenues of between AUD 9M and AUD 12M every month. This was essentially a Big Upfront Design project which would impact at least 300K active users and was the primary revenue stream for the brand and Group business.



Building the foundation for effective design

New Technology

Modal View Controller
Improved performance | Easy integration with Javascript frameworks
Re-usable code | Proven model view controller (MVC) pattern
Foundation 5
Responsive front end framework | Out-of-the-box features | Easily customisable
Avoids repetition of similar CSS statements | Re-usable colour-scheming and a
more organised code base | Fewer HTTP requests by using the @import attribute

Design & Development Collaboration

New Design Tools
To support real time collaboration between teams, I introduced a set of new tools to support
the accurate translation of design concepts into site experience (example: Sketch 3, UXPin, Avocode).

Foundation 5
Implemented Foundation 5 as the front-end framework and built on top of it.


Front End Style Guide (GUI kit)
I produced a modular collection of all the elements to be used in the product’s user interface, together with
code snippets for developers to copy and paste as needed to implement those elements. They include common UI
components like buttons, form-input elements, navigation menus, modal overlays and icons.

Responsive Design

Breakpoints & Viewports
Using the Foundation 5 grid system, I worked hard to ensure that our users were provided with
an optimal content and interaction experience across all common viewports by making use
of flexible layouts, flexible images, and cascading style sheet media queries


Consistency Across Devices
I designed with a ‘mobile first’ approach prioritising only the most important data and actions
on mobile viewports and scaled the content upwards, through wireframing and low fidelity
representations in order to provide a consistent and optimal experience across all devices.


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Regan Hobbs, Managing Director
"Daniel has a great grounding in design, UX and UI methodologies, and has used an academic approach to usher in great improvements, not only in output, but also the underlying process."
Sebastien Van Schalkwyk, Marketing Director
"Daniel is one of the most customer centric designers i've had the pleasure of working with. From day one it was a breath of fresh air listening to Daniel give expert advice on user centred design."
Terence Neil, CRO Manager
"Daniel’s in-depth knowledge of his chosen field as well as his ability to operate at both strategic and tactical levels has led to him being one of the most sought after consultants in our organisation today".