Experience Matters
“I work with Executives, Designers and Marketers to create and market products and services people can’t live without.”

Daniel is originally from London in the UK but has lived, worked and studied in various countries across Europe, Africa and now Australia, holding various design leadership and consultancy appointments in all continents. Drawing on extensive experience of elevating design and marketing at the highest levels of organization paired with a relentless commitment to understanding human needs and building high performance teams who design and deliver experiences that users understand and value in the context of their daily lives.

His experience and skill set is a blend of Product Management, Customer Experience management (CXM), hands on digital product design (UX & Optimisation) and digital marketing. He has designed and built digital products used by over 5 million users throughout his career and holds a proven record in spearheading design projects for some of the world’s leading brands within various sectors including well known brands like Google, Talk Talk, Banco Santander, Virgin Media and more.

He is driven passionately by user-centred design & innovation and has a record of delivering significant improvements to product development, UX and broader digital sales and marketing effectiveness metrics. This is paired with a deep understanding and passionate interest in cognitive science, UX research, usability engineering and how to effectively integrate UX practices into an Agile environment.


Product Design

I work with Marketers to craft, design, test, ship and optimize products that deliver an experience which is consistent with the brand promise.

I work with Marketers to brand products and produce GUI kits and style guides.

I build and execute low risk, low cost product innovation and concept tests.

I produce competitor analysis to find market and feature opportunities.

I translate research outcomes into user centred and actionable product goals.

I use motion design and animation to present how a product should behave.

I produce high fidelity mockups and interactive prototypes for user testing.

UX/Interaction Design

I investigate and identify behavioural patterns and explore the myriad of ways in which a particular product might solve a user need or design problem.

I plan and execute reliable and effective quantitative and qualitative user research.

I develop personas as a reliable & realistic description of audience/user segments.

I map user journeys and scenarios to identify and solve friction or pain points.

I produce and manage task catalogues for effective usability engineering.

I organize, structure and label content to support discovery and task completion.

I sketch concepts and build wireframes to validate product design and direction.

My Approach To Design

The work that I do falls into three distinct categories or work streams.

I believe passionately in the results achieved through user-centred design and effective research.
Attention to detail through beautiful design will signal to the user that I’ve thought carefully about them.
A product is never finished. Through data and actionable insight I grow product performance.
Regan Hobbs, Managing Director
"Daniel has a great grounding in design, UX and UI methodologies, and has used an academic approach to usher in great improvements, not only in output, but also the underlying process."
Sebastien Van Schalkwyk, Marketing Director
"Daniel is one of the most customer centric designers i've had the pleasure of working with. From day one it was a breath of fresh air listening to Daniel give expert advice on user centred design."
Terence Neil, CRO Manager
"Daniel’s in-depth knowledge of his chosen field as well as his ability to operate at both strategic and tactical levels has led to him being one of the most sought after consultants in our organisation today".