Accessibility (Screen Readers)

Accessibility (Screen Readers)

I have found most UX projects to be exciting and interesting because I absolutely love what I do. That being said, the most challenging (and therefore rewarding) would have to be designing for accessibility.

I was responsible for the redesign of a banking CRM application to support partially sighted or blind people to be able to work effectively in a Contact Centre. This project was more about HCI and usability than it was visual design but it provided invaluable experience in research, design, usability engineering and WCAG which is totally relevant to website design and largely missing in the profiles of many UX professionals today.

I worked along side an inspirational man who had almost completely lost his sight through cataracts and was assisted by a student PhD psychologist and a couple of very talented developers. We worked with text equivalents so that the screen reader software would work effectively and the CRM application and softphone interfaced with a brail keyboard controller.

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Regan Hobbs, Managing Director
"Daniel has a great grounding in design, UX and UI methodologies, and has used an academic approach to usher in great improvements, not only in output, but also the underlying process."
Sebastien Van Schalkwyk, Marketing Director
"Daniel is one of the most customer centric designers i've had the pleasure of working with. From day one it was a breath of fresh air listening to Daniel give expert advice on user centred design."
Terence Neil, CRO Manager
"Daniel’s in-depth knowledge of his chosen field as well as his ability to operate at both strategic and tactical levels has led to him being one of the most sought after consultants in our organisation today".